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Hoje é o dia de Wesak, que marca o nascimento, iluminação e morte de Gautama, o Buda. O Encontro Espiritual do Oriente com o Ocidente.
Na lua cheia de Touro é realizada a celebração máxima do Budismo, o Festival de Wesak, no vale dos Himalaias, na India, em homenagem a Lord Gautama. A palavra WESAK origina-se no Sânscrito e quer dizer MAIO.

O Wesak é um momento especial pois renova nossas forças no sentido de acelerar nossa própria Iluminação e o ápice desse momento é quando a Lua Cheia de Maio surge no céu trazendo energia adicional e luminosa a cada pessoa que de puro coração se propor a renascer em si mesmo como a ave FENIX.
Este sagrado Momentum favorece a avaliação de nossas imperfeições mergulhando nos registros do subconsciente para descobrir e transmutar padrões rígidos e escravizantes que ainda possuímos em Liberdade, Felicidade e Iluminação.
PODEMOS NOS SINTONIZAR COM ESSE ACONTECIMENTO ESPECIAL ATRAVÉS DE: Meditações e orações; individuais ou em grupos, ou ainda rituais apropriados: Dois dias antes e dois dias depois fazer alimentação natural e no dia, jejum ou somente frutas. No lar ou no local aonde irá se dedicar às preces, podem-se colocar flores, incensos, velas, cristais e músicas com sons da natureza ou ainda com mantras.
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Today is Wesak Day , which marks the birth , enlightenment and death of Gautama , the Buddha . The Spiritual Meeting of East and West.

On the full moon of Taurus is made ​​the biggest celebration of Buddhism, Wesak Festival , in the valley of the Himalayas , in India , in honor of Lord Gautama .
WESAK The word originates in Sanskrit and means MAY .

The Wesak is a special time for renewing our strength in order to accelerate our own lighting and the apex of this is when the full moon appears in the sky May bringing added energy and light to each person of pure heart ‘s proposal to revive itself like the phoenix .

This sacred Momentum favors the evaluation of our imperfections delving into the subconscious records to discover and transmute stiff and enslaving patterns we still possess in Freedom , Happiness and Enlightenment.

WE CAN TUNE WITH THAT SPECIAL EVENT THROUGH : Meditations and Prayers ; individually or in groups , or appropriate rituals : Two days before and two days after making natural feeding and day , fasting or only fruit . At home or at the location where you will devote to prayer , one can place flowers , incense , candles , crystals and music with nature sounds or with mantras .
gabiguidetti :

THE LEGEND OF WESAK (Text translation: “versión libre of several authors: Alice A. Bailey, Torkom Saraydariam, CW Leadbeater” found on the site  ) The dream, legend or event can be described as follows: There a valley, situated at the foot of the Tibetan Himalayas, and a high altitude surrounded by mountains except on the northeast side, where there is a narrow opening. This valley is shaped like a bottle, with the neck facing northeast, opening to the south. At the north end, near the opening, there is a large flat rock. The mountain slopes are covered with trees, but the valley there are no trees or bushes -. It is covered by a carpet of hard pasture Upon Taurus Full Moon, start arriving pilgrims, holy men and sludge, which will occupy part south and central, leaving the northeastern end relatively free. There, according to legend, gathers a group of Great Beings who are the custodians on earth of God’s plan for our planet and for humanity. With his wisdom, love and knowledge form a protective wall for our race, trying to lead us from darkness to light, from the unreal to the real, and death to immortality. This group of connoisseurs of divinity stands on the edge of the valley, in concentric circles, according to the degree of initiatory development, preparing for a great Service Act. Given the rock and facing northeast, are - in etheric levels - Beings called “The Three Great Lords”: the Christ, which is at the center; Lord of living forms, the Manu, located to the right; and the Lord of Civilization, the Master R., who is left. Resting on the rock a crystal vase filled with water. Behind the group of Masters, Adepts, and workers started early in the Plan of God, disciples and aspirants of the world lie in its various degrees and groups - those who, at this time constitute the New Group of World Servers. Some are present in the physical body and reach by ordinary means; others are present in their spiritual bodies and the dream state. Towards the time of Full Moon, it produces a great stillness among the crowd and everyone returns his gaze to the northeast. At a given signal, the Great Ones form three concentric circles and begin to sing. When the song deepens and gains more pace, the etheric Visitors materialize and a glorious figure becomes visible in the center of the circles, which is called by various names: Lord Maitreya, Bodhisattva, Christ, the Lord of Peace and Love. It is the Master of all Masters who form the planetary hierarchy to carry out the divine purpose on this planet. Christ appears dressed in a pure white robe, his hair falling in waves over her shoulders. He has the Scepter of Power in His hand, which was given by the Ancient of Days for this occasion. No Master can touch it except the Christ, the Master of all Masters. At each end of the Scepter of Power, there is a large diamond hilt, radiating a blue and orange aura of great beauty. Initiates who are focusing on the three circles in the center and when He becomes more visible, they all lean and chant a mantra greeting and affirmation. then transform these circles into one circle and a cross in whose center is the Christ. Here again the song touched the hearts and souls of those present, and down more joy, peace and blessings upon the crowd. 's next move is the triangle within the circle on whose summit is the Christ. He's standing near the stone and put the Scepter of Power on it. In rock, you see the crystal vase with golden ornaments and garlands of lotus flowers covering the rock and hang from every corner. After They perform another movement, which is a triangle with three oval that intertwine in the center of it, where is the Christ. The next move is one six-pointed star, then the star of Christ: the pentagram or five-pointed star. Here Christ is at the apex, near the stone; on his right, the Manu; on your left, the Master Rakoczi; a Great Being in the center and two other Big pointed star in the lower.
The rulers of all types of energy are present: the Masters Morya, KH, Venetian, Serapis, Hilarion, Jesus, and initiates, disciples and aspirants; and then the song creates a great tension in the crowd and Christ, take the Scepter of Power that was in stone, raises it and says: - “- Okay, Lord, come …” Then again puts your Scepter of Power on stone for a few moments before the Full Moon, and the eyes of all present turn to stone. The expectation of the crowd increases and the voltage becomes larger and still growing. Through the crowd, seems to feel a stimulus or potent vibration which has the effect of awakening the souls of those present, fusing and unifying the group, bringing everyone and making up a large share of demand, longing and spiritual expectation. It is the culmination of the aspiration of the world who think this focused expectant group. Few minutes before the exact time, where the Full Moon takes place, whether currency in the distance a small point of light in the sky, that approaching, is transformed into a sharp silhouette that takes the form of seated Buddha in his classic lotus position, wrapped in his saffron robes, bathed in light and color, and with his right hand raised in blessing to all. When he arrives at a point on the rock, Christ sings The Great Invocation and all present fall prostrate touching the earth with their foreheads. Invocation This creates a stupendous energy stream that floods the hearts of aspirants, disciples and initiates, and arrives … God. This is the holiest time of the year, the time when the humanity and divinity come into contact. At the exact moment of the Full Moon, the Buddha goes to Christ the energy of the first ray - Will - that Christ receives and transforms into the Good Will Christ is the great celebrant extends his hands, grabs the glass, raises it over his head and then puts it back on the stone. So the Masters sing hymns and sacred Buddha, the Great Enlightened, after blessing the crowd, slowly fades into space. The whole ceremony of blessing from the Buddha appears in the distance, yet it disappears only lasts 8 minutes. The annual sacrifice for humanity realizes that Buddha is concluded, when He returns to this place at the top, where he works and waits.
The Lord Buddha has a special type of energy that He pours out on us, to bless the world. This blessing is wonderfully exceptional, by his authority and position, because Buddha has access to the plans of nature that are beyond the reach of humanity; and therefore can transmute and transfer energy to our plan of higher planes. Without the mediation of Buddha, this energy would not be usable because its vibration is very high and it is impossible for us to perceive it in the physical, emotional and mental planes. Thus, the energy diffuses Buddha, through his blessing, find channels to circulate, bringing encouragement and peace to those who are able to receive it. Year after year, the Buddha returns to deliver his blessing and the same ceremony is repeated. Each year, he and his brother, Christ, working in close collaboration for spiritual benefit of humanity. These two great Sons of God concentrated two aspects of the Divine Life. Through the Buddha, the Wisdom of God flows; through Christ, the love of God manifested to humanity, spilling over her Moon in Taurus. moment that are potentially large expansions of consciousness. Disciples and initiates of all parties can be helped and encouraged spiritually, so that they can consciously penetrate the mysteries of the kingdom of God.
Continuing to legend, when the Buddha disappears, the crowd stands up and Christ distributes the blessed water and all the initiates that are present in the valley. This beautiful “water ceremony of communion” implies the symbolically, that the New Age is already upon us, the Aquarian Age, to the “Water Bearer”. The magnetized water by the presence of Buddha and Christ contains certain healing properties. After the blessing, the crowd dispersed quietly, heading to their places of service. Such is the legend behind this festival, and also, this is the reality, if we dare to believe it, and if our minds are sufficiently open and our expectant hearts enough to recognize its possibility. This idea requires that we adjust some of our most cherished beliefs. But, if it can be captured and understood, will appear in our consciousness the possibility of the human race become aware of your own divinity, can develop a Science Approach to Forces of Life and the deeper truths that are still hidden. Men and Women world, guided by the Buddha in unison, that brought light to the East, and through Christ, who revealed the Light of the West, may ask and evoke a spiritual blessing and revelation so intense that in the immediate future it may manifest to mankind both aspire: “Peace on earth and good will among men.” Thus, we can introduce an era of brotherhood and understanding which will allow the man to have more time to devote to seek God for yourself. , we can participate in the Wesak Festival through fasting, prayer or meditation group. Reciting as much as possible the Great Invocation in the two days preceding the festival and the two subsequent days. Ideally recite it at dawn, at noon, at five o’clock in the evening and the exact time of the Full Moon. Staying in a state of constant attention and serene expectation.
There are people who read the Our Father, Hail Mary and other mantras and prayer … I We people who follow the White Brotherhood of the 12 rays offer our prayer (invocation) everyday. 
THE GREAT INVOCATION From the point of Light within the Mind of God, Flowing light to the minds of men, The Light descends to earth. From the point of Love within the Heart of God, love flows to the hearts of men; . Christ on earth is the center where the Will of God is known, the Purpose Guide the little wills of men The purpose which the Masters know and serve From the center which we call the race of men is carried out the Plan of Love and Light and sealed forever the door where evil dwells.
Light, Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth. 

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May 14, 2014
bask in the bright, mesmerizing glow of the full moon … celebrate the enlightenment of Buddha’s birth. -JPC